A message from Fe226

Dear Fe226 family,

we all are in a difficult situation right now, that causes a totally different lifestyle. We believe, this is a time of solidarity! Think about others, help them, support and protect people you know – and people that you don’t know. Let’s act responsibly and flatten the curve.

Our goal is to keep the Fe226 community safe, healthy, active and running – wherever it is possible.

Your Fe226 online shop remains open and we continue to support our retailers. Our team is answering your emails from their homes. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience and apologize if you experience any delays. Our warehouse is located in northern Denmark and your delivery might take longer than usually.

At Fe226 we try to keep our spirits high and our health in good condition by getting in 30 to 60 minutes of moderate running activity almost every day.

If you like this too, we decided to offer you a good deal on some of our training products.

We love to run outdoors, but if it isn’t allowed or if you prefer running on your treadmill, we have some advice from Ironman Italy Champion Andi Böcherer. Scroll down to check it out.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”, said Roosevelt. And we must agree: Difficult times spark human ingenuity and innovation and it is also causing us to re-evaluate what truly matters.

Let’s make the safety and health of our communities and our families our priority.


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We brought together a group of discounted running products in order to support you during this special time as a part of the Fe226 family.

You can also support us by buying yourself new Fe226 running apparel. Because it is indeed an unsecure time for smaller brands like us, our dealers and supporters.

Our Special Offer


What's the best way to incorporate treadmill running into your training plan? Andi Boecherer offers some tips and tricks.

Hi there, 

I'm Der Andi. I‘d love to share some of my experience and learnings with you Fe226 customers. You’ve chosen the best available apparel on the market. so I figure you deserve a little extra.

As much as I love and enjoy training in the nature, sometimes the treadmill is more than just an alternative to dealing with inclement weather or other conditions. In certain situations, there are advantages to staying indoors and running on a treadmill.

Of course there is the ability to avoid extreme weather conditions - either heat or cold - which can stress the body

I can do short, intense intervals on the treadmill and ensure the conditions are constant.

Because the treadmill has no bumps or pot holes, it's a great way to get back into training after injury.

If you want to start running on a treadmill, here are a few tips, that I find helpful:

You're running on a moving surface, so running is not exactly the same as outside. Make sure that you stay as close to your normal running technique as possible.

While many experts recommend increasing the grade 1 to 2 degrees when running on a treadmill, I prefer to run 10 to 15 seconds per kilometer faster. I feel that I can better implement and improve my motor skills at zero degrees.

Before you start running intervals on the treadmill, start by walking and to get yourself used to it and warmed up. If you do not have any treadmill experience, do three or more easy runs before tackling harder stuff.